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Meherabad : The Way to Language of Silence…

April 29, 2016
Footpath To Meherabad

Early 1920’s Meher Baba and his followers settled down at a place now called Meherabad around 5 kms from Ahmednagar City in Maharashtra State of India, and this small hill with some land around it became the “Ashram” of Meher Baba and his disciples. Now a days this small hill called as Meherabad Hill and this is the path used by Meher Baba when going up and down Meherabad hill 1920’s onwards.


Meher Retreat (Museum Building) at Meherabad Hill.


Meher Baba Samadhi, Meherabad Hill

Meher Baba during His early days of stay at Meherabad in 1927, got a pit excavated on the Meherabad Hill, with a view that the same place may one day become the resting place for His physical remains, after He drops the Body. And not just that, He often spent time inside the pit, that was constructed there, for His inner spiritual work in seclusion.

Later in 1930’s a Dome was constructed over the pit, under the exclusive direction of Meher Baba which is now the present “Samadhi”. This “Samadhi” has a dome like structure with symbols from all the important religions of the world and with “Mastery in Servitude” inscribed on it.


Seclusion Cabin (Baba’s Room)


Seclusion Cabin (Baba’s Room) from inside


Stretcher used on January 31,1969 to transport Baba’s body still rests in His Tomb.

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