aniruddha-dharmadhikariHello and welcome to “Anandyatri”.

I am a traveler, Amateur Photographer and meditator.

When I began blogging here, it was with the intention of only writing about my life & travel experiences. Soon, I found myself sharing things i like such as poems, songs, etc.  More recently, I have started writing on some issues.

Year 2011, I gone through so many life changing moments in my life. And it changed me totally. The quest for inner peace turned me on a spiritual path. I am great lover of Beloved Osho from the age of 16, when I was in 10th standard I read his first book ‘हसिबा खेलिबा धरिबा ध्यानंम’. And then the journey towards inner being began with him. But the real walking on this path started in year 2011.

In 2011 I decided to travel India. I love to travel, to go around and explore the world. Motorbike riding is my self-Meditation tool. I have been travelling on my motorbike for past few years across India with true vagabond spirit. I love not people the less, but Nature more. I travel with the intention of discovering most of the Untraveled little known places of India.

I’ve lived with the tribe in remote villages on bank of river Narmada, walked many kilometers, experienced humanity in Mango peoples of India, spent many days in loneliest places doing meditation, and fallen in love with so many people and places, that I’ve lost count.