From the smallest blade of grass to the biggest star, everybody is needed, equally needed. There is no hierarchy in existence. The grass blade and the star have no inequality; they are equal. Existence supports them both in the same way. It makes no discrimination. To the sinners, to the saints, it is the same. The sun shines for all, the flowers bloom for all, the birds sing for all. It is our home!

Without blissfulness it cannot be felt. So my whole approach here is to help you to be cheerful, blissful, singing and dancing, creating all the devices so that you can relax, come out of your conditioned sadness, seriousness, so that you can be children again, running on the sea beach collecting seashells, colored stones, running after butterflies, collecting wild flowers with great wonder and awe.

~ Osho
Going All the Way, Talk #6

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